Scrips Has a New Bonus Schedule Starting September 14th

Some of the vendors listed below are local to our Church and some could be gifts for those you love in far away places.  No matter the reason, there are increased incentives that could net us more fundraising dollars!  All it takes is a little planning while doing the grocery list or making out the social calendar.

Do you have a large home project planned?  You know about Home Depot offering 5% for a week, but Lowe’s also offers 4% rebate.  So, your $500 home repair could bring in $16 to $20 towards our Fundraising Goals!

Best of all, both are available on ScripsNow which means you pay via EFT and you can print the gift card (or email as a gift!) at home!  See how to get started and/or do PrestoPay here.

Scrips is easy, convenient and literally FREE MONEY for our Church which keeps things like the Soup Kitchen, Covenant to Care, UCC charities and more going.

I will quote a famous line from Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy”:  “You can do it!”

Below you’ll find a list of special offers beginning next Saturday, September 14. You can click each bonus for further details, and click here for a list of all current special offers.