Make Your Household Go Further with Scrip!

shop with scrip

We have products from more than 700 retailers available on ShopWithScrip®, in categories including gas, groceries, clothing, and many more. If you aren’t using scrip for all your purchases, you’re missing out on rebates!

It’s easy to start using scrip for purchases you know you have to make every week, like gas and groceries, but with a little planning you can make sure to use scrip for just about everything.

And your budget goes even further when you consider the rebates you’re getting back! If you’re working on projects around the house you can find scrip for your renovations in our Home Improvement category, or check out Clothing brands to add to your wardrobe. For fun nights out with family friends, stock up on scrip from our Entertainment and Casual Dining retailers. You can find scrip for just about anything!

Directly delivered products like ScripNow® and Reload make it even easier to put together a scrip budget, because you can place your own orders without waiting on your organization’s schedule. Earn rebates every time you shop! Check out our categories on and start planning your scrip budget today.

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