Special Orders for Select Scrips – Perfect for the Holidays!

Sometimes you need denominations of scrip we don’t normally carry, but if you want to place a special order we can try to make it happen! We can work with some retailers to get small denominations for little gifts, or much larger denominations for big projects. We can help you get the scrip you need!

If you’re interested in placing a special order, please ask your program coordinator to contact one of our retail representatives.  When considering a special order, please keep the following in mind:

  • Special orders can only be placed for a limited selection of retailers GLSC currently carries.
  • Most retailers require a $500 (face value) minimum for special orders, but some require more.
  • Special orders are non-stock items and cannot be returned to GLSC.
  • You may be able to get the denominations you need in printable ScripNow eCards.  When you order ScripNow, you’ll receive your eCards much faster and you won’t have to pay shipping.

Here are some of our most popular retailers eligible for special orders:


Walmart $10-1,000 Target $10-$2,000
Menards $10-$2,000 Sears $5-$500
Amazon $10-$500 Honey Baked Ham
The Home Depot
Toys R Us $10-$500
Restoration Hardware
Bass Pro Shops
Safeway $10-$500 Outback $10-$100
Red Lobster $10-$250 Dunkin Donuts $5-$200
Subway $5-$500


If you’d like to place a special order or find out more, please ask your coordinator to contact us for more information. The last day for special orders this year is Monday, December 2, so start thinking about it now!

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