Ecuadorian and Peruvian Missions

peru-156335_640ecuador-156231_640As many of you know, we have had the great fortune to have Joyce Blosser worship with our Congregation for the past several months.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her son, Tim, and they have shares a very nice video of what their family has been doing for Christ in Ecuador.

I was also told of a family member of Bob Marsh who has been going to Peru to help people who have lost limbs receive artificial limbs for the past few years.

Through the Faith and dedication of mission workers, people around the world can have hope that there are better things awaiting all of us!

Ecuadorian Mission Video

Thanks to Joyce and Tim, we have a video from Ecuador that shows the people they are helping.

It is truly beautiful country and the footage is spectacular…thank you again for sharing this with our Congregation and allowing us to put it on our YouTube Channel!

Peruvian Mission Blog

In addition, Bob Marsh has shared that his nephew has been going to Peru and helping many walk or use their limbs productively again by fitting them with the proper prosthetic…and I am certain I am not doing this justice with my words!

You can see the 2014 Mission Blog here, they just left this past Friday.  There are some good videos that will do justice to their mission!

When you visit this year’s blog, you can also see the prior two years of mission successes as well!

Our love and caring has no boundaries, so I share these with you today to show what a group of determined people can do to help others that are less fortunate.

The Congregational Church of Burlington helps many in our own way, which is why I am proud we always step up and meet the challenges before us…which is why I believe we are a growing and thriving Congregation!

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