CCB Receives New Shed!

imageThe Congregational Church of Burlington would like to extend thanks to the following for the delivery of our new shed:

  • First and foremost, to Tim Higley for finding out about this great opportunity, for coordinating the delivery and for prepping the site where it sits.  It was a family effort as Tim’s parents (Ralph & Eleanor), Sonia, Chris, TJ and Katy all helped make this happen!
  • To Jensen Communities for generously donating the shed free of charge!  Thank you so much!
  • To Collision Clinic of Connecticut for allowing us to rent their wrecker for a very reasonable price!

This will help us protect some of our gear sitting outside from the elements and, hopefully, give us many years of service like the old white shed has done.

If you see Tim, please give him thanks as this entire plan was put together in days and he pulled it off as planned!

The Business Committee is also thankful for solving a need with little cost!  That’s always a good thing!

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