Deacons Looking for Pulpit Volunteers during Pastor Time-Off

Do you have a story about your personal faith journey, or another topic that you would like to share with your church?

The Deacons are looking for some willing volunteers to stand in for Rev. Taylor when he takes his well-deserved vacation and quarterly weekends this upcoming year.

The Deacons have increased our budget to allow for hiring some substitute Pastors, but we’ve had such wonderful substitutes from our own Congregation in the past, which has allowed us to to see another person’s point of view.  An added blessing is it has also saved the church a great deal of incurred expenses as it costs $250 each time we pay for coverage.

Rev. Taylor will support you in preparation and a member of our Diaconate will run the service if you prefer.

Please contact Holly Kaseta or contact any Deacon if you have questions or would like to sign up for an upcoming Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration.