Confirmation Corner

Confirmation and Pre-Confirmation classes are forming now.  We need to get a list of the kids for each class and the schedule.   Please email Tim Higley if you have a student going into 8th or 9th grade this year and would like to have them participate in either the Pre-Confirmation or Confirmation class.

I have scheduled a meeting on October 4, 2015 immediately following service for Pre-Confirmands, Confirmands, their parents and Confirmand Mentors to discuss:

  • Class schedules
  • Topics to be taught and discussed
  • Possible field trips
  • Teaching volunteers

The students must attend and the Confirmands must have their mentor chosen by this date.

The Mentors must attend so they can be given information regarding their role in the Confirmation process.

Thank you for your cooperation as we want to give the best Christian Education experience to all our students at this very important time in their lives.