Christian Education

Welcome To Christian Education

Sunday School Classes
Sunday School Classes are provided for children most Sundays for Pre-School through Middle School age from the middle of September to June. The children attend the first portion of the service with their families. Most Sundays, Reverend Taylor prepares an age appropriate message for the children and then the children leave quietly to go to their classes. We are blessed to have a Superintendent and an Assistant who are part of the Christian Education Committee and work very hard to provide quality Christian Education for our children.

Classes are divided into groups by age/grade and use standardized age appropriate curriculum materials chosen by the Committee. Each class typically has 3-4 teachers for the school year so that the responsibility is shared to staff each Sunday’s lessons.

Step Program
Each year from Kindergarten through Grade 9 the children have one passage or verse to learn such as The Lord’s Prayer, Footprints, The Beatitudes, etc. Our Sunday School teachers will evaluate the students’ progress in the Step Program.  A Certificate of Achievement is Awarded to all those who pass their step.

Confirmation of our church youth into full members is a two year program beginning in 8th grade. The program involves class studies, videos, activities, field trips and requires community volunteer work to explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.