Stewards of the Congregational Church of Burlington join with other members to give life to the overall mission and ministries of our church through the time they devote, the talents they share and the financial commitment they make.

Stewardship means becoming a contributing member of our Church.  This commitment helps the Church to meet its pastoral, educational, musical and operating needs. Giving to the church is vital to our own spiritual development and the success of our church programs and missions.

People give of their time and talent in many ways; serving on committees which form the governmental structure of our church, teaching Sunday School classes, or singing in the choir.  Our volunteers have made many of our Fundraising Events successful like the Can & Bottle Drive, Malerbo Field Concession Stand, Tavern Day Food Court and much, much more.

Our Church relies solely on the generosity of its members and friends for its entire annual budget.  Although the church is a member of the United Church of Christ, we do not receive any financial support from the national church…in fact, we lend financial support to their national and worldwide ministries.

The church’s fiscal strength is determined solely by its membership.  It is through the inspired generosity of its members and friends that the church continues as a community of faith to carry on its ministry in Jesus’ name.  Without this support, our church would cease to exist.

Many members make an annual pledge, our financial giving promise to God and to our Church.  Many others give what they can, when they can.

If you are blessed or come into fortunate circumstances, please give of your time, talents and finances generously.  Your support is the backbone of the Congregational Church of Burlington.