…a word we find very interesting because from this one word comes several that have some powerful meaning to our Committee:

  • Fun – That’s the best part of the word as what we do throughout the year does take effort, but the FUN & Fellowship we have truly makes our work lighter and rewarding.
  • Raising – It’s why we do what we do!  Our events will raise volunteers, community support and dollars that can be used to support the Missions of the Congregational Church of Burlington.
  • Fund – The results, the “stuff” we can donate and the funding of our Church budget that includes missions such as:
    • Covenant to Care for Youth
    • Bristol Soup Kitchen each month
    • Supporting local initiatives directly from our Fundraising successes that have included:
      • Make-a-Mark Region 10 Enrichment Fund
      • Odyssey of the Mind kids from Lake Garda School
      • Burlington Food & Fuel Bank
    • Helping individual people or families in our community when they could use a hand
    • Supporting Youth Groups and an active Christian Education program
    • Pledging support to the UCC national and worldwide missions through our dues
      • Our funds have directly helped an Ecuadorian Mission Group with local ties to our community

As you can see, one word that literally touches so many.  Our committee will:

  • Brainstorm ideas to find the next event or raffle to try
  • Coordinate and plan all events including our staples such as the Can & Bottle Drive, Malerbo Field Concession Stand and Tavern Day
  • Manage and Volunteer at various events.  We thank the many volunteers that always show up to help us and make our events successful
  • Show a positive & fun (there’s that word again!) face of our Church to our neighbors in the community

Does any of this appeal to you?  Great!  Then contact any one of the Committee members below to see how you can lend your time and talents to this worthy Committee.

Have a great idea but too shy to  join?  That’s okay!  Email or talk to any of our members and we’ll do the rest!

Maryann BurnsChairperson
Sonia HigleyMember