Volunteer Time & Talents and our Church Thrives!

Rev. Taylor once preached in a sermon about how the Congregational Church of Burlington is thriving in a time when church participation is declining for all denominations in our country.  While that is a sad reality for many other places of worship, it’s not for ours!

Because we are a Congregational church structure, our Members know that it takes the Time and Talents of many to make our Church as successful as it is.  Some, but not all, great reasons for joining a committee is:

  • You are not working alone
  • You will see how your selfless act truly helps others
  • The Fellowship enjoyed with Members outside your normal social circles is truly a gift from God
  • The Congregational Church of Burlington is seen as a leader in giving, caring and loving within the community

Each and every person that is a Member has some talent they can share and there are many important committees that depend on such giving.  Please take a moment to find a committee that needs your talents, it’s what makes us Congregationalists!

Thank you to all who serve on our various committees and for those that will be stepping forward to do what Jesus would expect of us, thank you in advance.

“Freely you have received, freely give.”

– Matthew 10:8