Caring for the Church, the Congregation and You!

The Board of Deacons is a committee that is comprised of up to 12 members and elected per our By-laws.

The Chairperson is also a member of the Church Council and the Coordinating & Planning Committee.

We help the Pastor in the spiritual care of the church, coordinate Sunday Service, prepare Communion and other sacraments.

But, we are so much more!

We are Here for You…Here’s How

IMG_20140504_095621620_HDRIn Times of Joy:

  • Baptisms
  • Weddings
  • Confirmations

In Times of Need:

  • Sick
  • Healing
  • Loss of a loved one

We serve you communion on Sunday & pancakes on Fat Tuesday.

We provide families with Thanksgiving baskets and college students with care packages.  We are here for you!

To better serve our Congregation, our Board of Deacons has assignments to help our members.  If you need any help or wish to get in touch with us, please contact our Church Secretary or Reverend Manocchio so we can reach out to you.

God Bless!

Last Name AssignmentDeaconEmail
A - BeMary
Bl - CorLinda
Coy - EdKim
Ei - GraJodi
Gro - LanLynn
Lar - MicBarbara
Min - PPaulette
R - StJohn
Sz - YDave