The Can & Bottle Drive is still on for Tomorrow!

Yes, after much weather watching and a few phone calls, it has been decided to keep the Can & Bottle Drive on schedule tomorrow.

Please reward the brave (and sure to be very cold) souls by please doing the following:

  • If you can, bag up the cans by themselves, plastics by themselves and glass in it’s own container or bag.
  • Bring them down to the Church Parking lot from 8:30 am until 12 noon.
  • Say a prayer that we can stand up to Jack Frost!

That’s about all you have to do to make this yet another successful fundraiser for CCB!

We know we all have a garage full of returnables after the holidays, so let’s make room for the Super Bowl parties!  Go Patriots!! *

* The author is a known Steelers fan and while typing that hurt, he understands the joy of rooting for a winner!

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