Annual Budget Meeting Results

The 2018 budget proposed by the Business Committee was unanimously approved by the Congregation on December 10th. 

Approved budget highlights:
  • Assumes the continued increase in pledging per our 3-year Pledge Campaign which kicked off in 2017 (2018 is Year 2)
  • Includes a projected net sale amount for the parsonage
  • Includes a 9-month contingency plan of expenses on the parsonage (assumption is will sell within 9 months; if not, then alternatives will be presented by the Business Committee for congregational discussion and vote)
  • Includes a $5000 increase in the offered salary for an Organist/Choir Director
  • Key figures:
    • Total income = $251,589
    • Income from pledges = $178,656
    • Total expenses = $257,710
As of the Budget meeting, we had 42 units pledging for a total of $120,226 which is short $58,430 from the budgeted $178,656 and down about around 25 pledge units from 2017. Since the meeting, additional pledges have come in.
The Church Council will receive updated figures for their January 3 Church Council meeting and if there is still a pledge deficit, will discuss actions to take to address.