Meal Train for the Gallups!

As many of you know, Julia Gallup will be undergoing major surgery on October 17th. The Gallup’s Congregational Church & Boy Scout Troop 23 families will be teaming up to assist with meals during this trying time.

The family could use your help with meals and the following link makes it easy to pick a time to help:

You will notice that, on Fridays, there is a sign up for Friday dinner and a drop off for weekend breakfast items on Friday evening as well. These are TWO separate sign ups, so do not feel as though you need to do both dinner and breakfast. We are a large family of supporters and we know there are plenty of us to share in the help!

Breakfast can be items that can be reheated, such as quiche for example, grab and go items are also good (i.e.bagels & cream cheese). You can feel free to be creative!

Thank you in advance for all your help in making this time for the Gallup family a bit easier as Julia recovers from her major surgery!

Blessings and gratitude,

Allison Tharau, Congregational Church Deacons
Michele Deeb, Boy Scout Troop 23