Sunday School teaching volunteers needed

The Christian Education Committee would like to put a call out to all adults to strongly consider volunteering some time each month to teach a Sunday School class.

We recognize many, if not most, of you are not educators by trade and may think “I’m out, I’m not a teacher”. In reality, most of our Sunday School teachers are not, so you can do it!

Here are some things to help make this decision easier:

  • We would like 3 or 4 teachers per class which allows teachers to attend regular service most of the Sunday School year;
  • There is an established curriculum and the lessons are easy to follow and the suggested activities are easy to plan and execute;
  • You will see the curriculum before entering a classroom;
  • You will be paired up with someone who has taught before and can guide you if you arebrand new to this!

Don’t be shy if you have never taught before! We applaud you for joining us in teaching the children who are wonderful and make us realize there is no better way to give back to our Church family than by helping educate the next generation in Faith.

If you have previously taught and are willing to teach again, then please email any of the Christian Education contacts below by clicking on their name or stop one us after Church to let us know your intentions.

We thank all who give consideration to this wonderful service and we look forward to keeping our teaching ranks full so our children grow in Faith.