Roof repair to begin in August

Parking lots to be affected…be aware. Planned Start Date is Monday, August 26th.

A quick note to let you know that the Roof Replacement project is set to kick off on Monday, August 26th.

Stevenson Services, LLC out of Bristol, CT has been chosen by the Business Committee to do the work. They are famous for their steeple and clock tower repairs and committee member Charlie Bunn has known the owner for many, many years.

Parking Lot Impacts

As with any large scale operation such as a roof replacement, there will be daily impacts to the main parking lot entrance and the smaller driveway near the plaza.

I have been assured that proper care will be taken to keep the work area away from any vehicles…so look for any signage and/or cones.

The estimate is it will take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the weather. As of today, the forecast seems good.

Thank you for your patience and it sure will be nice to no longer have any water leaking into our Church!

Take care and enjoy the final days of summer,

Jerry Burns
Business Committee, Chairperson

PS – Unlike other projects, this is one we can pay ourselves back on…look for the “Raise the Roof, Buy a Bundle” details sometime in September!