Roof Replacement Status

09-2013-ccb-roof-replacment-03Just a quick update on the roof replacement project:

  • Stevenson Services have made good headway on the two main slopes of the church, but will not be done this week.
  • There is a very good possibility that our Main Church entrance will be closed as heavy equipment and a trash bin are there.
  • There may be a pallet of material in one of the parking areas in the paved lot, not sure if they will use it up by end of the day Friday.  Please be aware when you arrive on Sunday.
  • I am guessing, with good weather that they should be completed in the next week to week and a half.
  • The good news is they have been great at cleaning up around the church and covering the roof in a professional and inconspicuous manner.

The good news is no huge issues have been identified on the roof and the project is moving forward as planned.  I would also like to take a moment to thank Tim Higley for being the main point of contact for the Business Committee.  He has done a great job keeping all stakeholders informed.

One comment on “Roof Replacement Status
  1. Jerry Burns says:

    Just drove by for BJSA Soccer Jam drop-off and Malerbo Concession Fundraising table delivery…Stevenson Services has tucked away the heavy equipment and coned off the dumpster to have an entrance to the church available. Please only enter there on Tavern Day…too dangerous to be going out with all the activity, use Library Lane for exiting. Thanks!