CANCELLED – Frank’s Flix for October

Cancelled from FlickrDue to some “technical” issues, we are unable to show the planned Frank’s Flix program on Friday, October 4th.

What is the “technical” issue you say?  Well, it has been brought to the Business Committee attention that we need to secure copyright licensing for not only our Music, but also for any movies shown.

Quite honestly, the FBI warning at the beginning of every DVD or digital movie states what the deal is:  Movies are intended for the private, non-commercial use.

But, we’re a Church!  It doesn’t matter, the way the entire entertainment industry gets paid is through licensed use fees and a gathering at a Church constitutes a violation of the private use.

So, we are looking into how to secure the $250.00 needed for the annual license that covers all the rights for almost all movies…we just need time as this is a recent development.

Stay tuned, we’ll figure it out!  Thank you for your understanding.

Photo Attribution: agtw via Flickr Creative Commons License

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