GoDaddy Hosting Experiencing Issues Affecting Blog Updating

Just a FYI that some security changes made at GoDaddy are affecting a quite a few websites worldwide and their ability to create, save and publish blog postings (our News).

I have spent way too much time on this already, but it’s a known issue trying to address the bad stuff hackers do to websites.  I appreciate their reasoning, but it did break functionality and it’s obviously complicated based on the time it’s taken to address the issue, never mind solve it.

I will post as I can, but please check our Facebook page and your inbox for Newsletters and any Important Announcements.


Jerry Burns

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One comment on “GoDaddy Hosting Experiencing Issues Affecting Blog Updating
  1. Jerry Burns says:

    Not too long after posting this News entry, it seems the problem was solved. Hard to say as GoDaddy may have removed the changes only to try again later.

    Let’s hope it works as the security they were trying to do will help all end users…unfortunately, hit a snag with this one.