Rev. Taylor’s Pets Need a Good Home ASAP

The focus of our Call to Meeting this Sunday will make it “Congregational knowledge” that Rev. Taylor is downsizing as an empty-nester from the Bigwood Lane home to a nice, smaller condo in Burlington.

One would think the packing and deciding what to keep or not to keep is not his largest worry…three out of his four beloved pets will need a home very, very soon.

Please read on to see if you can give a loving home to his lovable dog or his two indoor/outdoor cats.

This writer can attest to how sweet this family of cats are since we adopted the daughter/sister and from my visits to the Parsonage, Marlow has a lovable spirit any dog lover will embrace.

Anyone that can open their home and hearts to these loving animals will surely be blessed and will make Rev. Taylor happy knowing they are going to be cared for.

Please call the Church at (860) 673-4618 if you are interested (or Rev. Taylor directly if you have his number).  If you know of someone that is looking for great pets, please pass this information along.  Thank you!

Lydia – Female Gray Cat, 6 years old, Neutered & Up to date on shots

Jane – Female Gray Cat, 5 years old, Neutered & Up to date on shots

Marlow – 6 year old Male Purebred Springer Spaniel, Not Neutered & Up to date on shots











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