Final Budget Meeting Tomorrow after Service

On Sunday, February 9th (tomorrow!) immediately after service and Sunday School, we will have our final 2014 Annual Budget Meeting.

We need a quorum to vote in the budget per our by-laws and we were only 2 members over that limit at the January 5th meeting.  Please plan on attending to support the Church and those that have worked hard to build a budget plan that the Congregation wants.

Thank you to the members of the Business Committee and our Treasurer for all the hours and planning that went into this budget cycle.  Please show your support tomorrow.

The agenda is:

  • Recap the two budget motions voted down by the Congregation on January 5th
  • Present the remaining budget option with Business Committee recommendation
  • Discussion on the plan and how to achieve success with the meeting attendees
  • Budget Vote by the Congregation

We are drawn to the Congregational Church of Burlington by our Faith and I believe that it is that Faith that will allow us to meet the fiscal challenges.  Please reflect upon the messages of the first meeting by visiting our YouTube channel to see & hear what happened and please reflect on what you may be able to do with time, talent and funds to help us meet our 2014 Budget goals.  Thank you.

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