More Special Edition Summer News!

Do-Re-Mi, Yes You Can Sing!

Think maybe you want to sing in the choir but are nervous about trying?

Do you say to yourself, “I know they have lost members due to people moving away or going off to college and can use some more members, but can I really sing in the choir?”

C’mon, give it a try! Our music director, Jackie Harris-Stone, is offering one-on-one singing coaching after service every Sunday in July and August. She is also available at those times to answer any questions or address hesitations you have.

The current choir members would love to welcome new members and to share in the fun they are having with Jackie, so take one of these Sundays to give it a whirl.

Sign up in the Chapel Room as an individual, a family group and feel free to bring a friend!



Please Help – Volunteer for Sexton Duty

What’s a Sexton?  It’s fancy word for those that keep our church clean!

Please look at the calendar in the Chapel Room to sign up for a week, two or a month should you be so inclined.

A couple of hours once a week, less if you have family or team up with another family or friends, makes all the difference in keeping the garbage clear, the floors vacuumed, the mice at bay with the kitchen clean of crumbs and the bathrooms presentable to our Congregation, our employees and the many folks who use our church like the AA groups and Scouts.

It’s truly not that hard, it just takes that “can do” attitude and a few hours…please help so we can avoid hiring a cleaning crew which is not in the budget.  Thank you in advance and thank you to all who have generously donated their time.


Mother’s & Father’s Day Donations

Thank you to all who donated this year as we collected $580.00 to benefit The Community Soup Kitchen of Torrington!



Summer Mission Trip

Please help support our Church’s Mission Trip to Nichols, SC where Hurricanes Florence and Michael devastated much of rural South Carolina and they are still rebuilding and repairing homes, parks and businesses.

A group from our Church is going to help in this endeavor this summer from July 21st to July 27th.  We are taking collections for travel expenses.

We estimate at least $500.00 will be needed to make the round trip.  As more information is received, the mission team we will also need to borrow construction tools to bring.  A list is being put together and will be shared as soon as possible.

Thanks and God Bless,

George Fetzer