Pastor’s Message – April 29, 2020

“Why is tonight different than all other nights?” This is one of the 4 questions asked at the Jewish Passover Seder. A similar question Jews and Christians ask is “How is the day, the Sabbath Day, whether it be Saturday

Pastor’s Message – April 22, 2020

Patience. Philosophers and theologians have long considered it one of the great virtues. As Christians we are called on to practice it in order to be virtuous.. One definition and description of patience is as follows:  “A state of forbearance,

Pastor’s Message – April 14, 2020

Let us hope we never have another Easter like the one we just had, with church services canceled due to a pandemic. Listening to the hymn, “Christ the Lord is risen today” in a variety of offerings online, including one

Easter Sunday 2020 Comprehensive Digital Service

He is Risen! Without any more words, our Christian Faith allows us to know exactly what that means. Even with a pandemic crossing the globe and our lives seemingly distressed and at the very least disrupted, we can still take

Pastor’s Message – April 6, 2020

As I write this it is the day after Psalm Sunday and the second day of what the Church calls Holy Week, ending with the Saturday before Easter. During this week the Church has condensed the final days of Jesus’

Palm Sunday Comprehensive Digital Service – April 5, 2020

With the pandemic still gripping our nation and our world, many people are working to try and keep our Spiritual Community bright with God’s Light! Today, we are rolling out our first Digital Service that you can enjoy and, hopefully,

Pastor’s Message – April 2, 2020

Eight years ago I decided to do something I hadn’t done in 39 years when I attended my 40th high school reunion. High school was not a particularly good time for me as I was undergoing many physical and psychological

Pastor’s Message – March 31, 2020

With any misfortune and hardship there always are lessons to be learned. Not the least of which is how to survive, if possible, to live another day. Here are some of the lessons I am learning:

Pastor’s Weekly Sermon for March 29th

This Sunday’s Old Testament and New Testament readings both deal with the subject of resurrection. They give hope to a community and to individuals who are both physically and spiritually dead. In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic we all find

Pastor’s Message – March 26, 2020

Vulnerable – From the Latin, vulnerare – to wound; From the Latin, vulnus – wound “Susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm; person, or persons in need of special care, support or protection because of age, disability, or risk