Live Video Service – May 3, 2020 – Digital Bulletin

How to Join Service Join our Digital Service hosted on by clicking link below OR copying & pasting into your browser:   No computer/tablet/smartphone? No Problem!  Just call this NYC number (929) 205-6099 and follow the prompts.

Pastor’s Message – April 29, 2020

“Why is tonight different than all other nights?” This is one of the 4 questions asked at the Jewish Passover Seder. A similar question Jews and Christians ask is “How is the day, the Sabbath Day, whether it be Saturday

Inspirational Music for April 29, 2020

Every year, when it hits spring, one of my joys is playing “Morning has Broken” in some form or another in the Sunday service to commemorate the turn of events. This is probably the very first hymn I sang in

Sunday, April 26th Virtual Service

Walking with Jesus. That is today’s title for the sermon by Rev. Taylor. As a small boy, one of my favorite Children’s Bible story was the classic “Footprints in the Sand”.  I was immediately sucked into the story, believing that

Pastor’s Message – April 22, 2020

Patience. Philosophers and theologians have long considered it one of the great virtues. As Christians we are called on to practice it in order to be virtuous.. One definition and description of patience is as follows:  “A state of forbearance,

Inspirational Music for April 22, 2020

This writer is getting an education in music thanks to our Music Director, Jackie Harris-Stone. To say she has been invaluable to helping me in preparing the messages each week as we are distanced due to pandemic would be an

Sunday, April 19th Virtual Service

Resurrection takes time. These are the key words for today’s sermon by Rev. Taylor as he not only shares the lesson from John’s Gospel, but the parallels to today’s pandemic that will take time to resolve. The good news in

Inspirational Hymn for April 16, 2020

This past week, Christians everywhere joined together unconventionally to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Many of us made virtual calls to loved ones outside our family unit; some of us gathered by Zoom. Musicians (including our own) have been exploring technology and

Cherry Brook Health Care Center call for Help

A pandemic has changed the entire world, literally putting most of it on pause. While that has inconvenienced many of us, the fear and suffering is real to many as we see or read each day in the news. It’s

Inspirational Hymn for April 14, 2020

It is good to worship. To bring ourselves into the presence of God and glory in God’s goodness. We all have our reasons to worship- from Jesus being raised from the dead, to the strength we get from God to